The Apple Store can’t come to you. But I will. Computer problems are not always confined to just one device that you can pack up and bring in. When I worked at the Genius Bar in Portland people would sometimes come to me with an issue that could not be isolated in the computer or phone they brought in.

The difficulty they were having was in the interaction of their Mac with their network router, printer, other Macs, or Windows machines. I knew if I could come out from behind the counter and go back to their worksite with them, I could find a solution. But on-site services were not in my job description.

Well, now they are.

I worked as a Mac Genius for over two years at the Portland Apple Store. I did my training when they still sent prospective Mac Geniuses to Headquarters in Cupertino for instruction and hands-on hardware disassembly and assembly. This was back when Apple Stores had a designated Genius Bar for people to come to for troubleshooting, repair, and education. Today it’s kind of a free-for-all.

I’m available for troubleshooting and repairs, and also training. I am an Apple Certified Mac Technician, and as such I can upgrade your Macs without compromising any existing warranty. In my personal and professional computer work I have always placed special emphasis on safeguarding personal privacy and following best security practices.

Initial consultation to assess the situation is free.

So, how can I help?

Josef Schneider